Why do we need a loan?

There are plenty of reasons why we seek external cash flow.

Debt consolidation loans: Due to economic difficulties or unforeseen expenses, you need capital to pay off debt and avoid compound interest increasing.

Consumer loans include school tuition fees for children, hospital expenses, house bills, et cetera. They could seem like small payments, but they are all essential and unavoidable expenses. The longer you wait to pay off, the higher interest rates you need to pay. When the savings fund can no longer support your financial needs, it’s time to look for outside loans.

There are also plenty of other reasons for loans, such as real estate investment, stock investment, and cryptocurrency, to achieve financial freedom.

Common types of loans

Bank mortgage loan

What is a mortgage loan?

A mortgage loan is a form of a loan with collateral. You will mortgage your property to secure your loan. You will still have title to the mortgaged property, but the bank will retain the proof of ownership.

Types of property that can mortgage include land, houses, vehicles, et cetera. With the types of a mortgage loans, average loans will be significant and apply a lower interest rate than unsecured loans because of secured collateral.


  1. Age: 20 – 55 (both males and females)
  2. No bad debt
  3. Be able to pay off the debt.
  4. Sufficient legal collateral according to the bank’s regulations. Collateral property owned by parents and siblings in the family is accepted.

Benefits: A reputable form of loan, guaranteed because you work directly with the bank—clear and transparent procedures.

Risks: Mortgage loan procedures are complicated due to the government’s strict regulations. You are not allowed to borrow more to pay off the loan, and there is no direct cash disbursement support. Therefore, a bank mortgage is not the right choice when you need money urgently because of the time factor and the lengthy procedure.

Bank unsecured loan

What is an unsecured loan?

An unsecured loan is a form of a loan without collateral. Unsecured loans will be based on the reputation of each borrower in terms of repayment capacity to serve personal purposes, which can be a small amount of money such as expenses for weddings, travel or consumables. An unsecured loan usually ranges from VND 10 – 500 million with a flexible loan term of 12 – 60 months.

Customers can borrow unsecured loans according to salary, life insurance, electricity bills, business license loans, instalment credit contracts, motorbike loans, or credit card limits. Unsecured borrowers can borrow in cash and pay both principal and interest monthly.


  1. Age: 20 – 55 (both males and females)
  2. No bad debt
  3. Adequate income from salary to pay debts


No collateral is required.

Risks: The loan interest rate is very high, and the loan value is small (usually up to 500 million VND).

Quick loan

As the name suggests, the quick loan service was born to speed up the transaction compared to other business loans through banks. In addition, there is no collateral required when you get a quick loan.

Since a quick loan is a new form, the requirements differ depending on your chosen service. For example, some places only require proof of documents such as a driver’s license, identity card, et cetera. At the same time, it can completely register via the Internet.

Benefits: Easy online registration, simple process and fast payment time.

Risks: Small loan, easy to generate bad debt, extremely high-interest rate.

While mortgage loans must be transferred to banks, unsecured loans carry high-interest rate risks. In addition, customers are more likely to generate bad debts due to late payments.

Each type of loan has its unique benefits and limitations. Please consider your current needs to choose the most suitable loan.

An alternative to traditional forms of loans – “Unlock Equity.”

If the above loans cannot meet your wishes? Homebase will introduce a new and unique solution: Unlock Equity.

Homebase’s “Unlock Equity” solution will solve the difficulties of the loan process – from complicated procedures to less flexible loan terms. It is the answer to the loan puzzle if you:

  • Need extensive capital exploitation: Exploiting capital with Homebase, you can take advantage of up to 90% of your asset value, converting up to VND 8 billion. There are very few places that can match this level of support.
  • Want to collaborate with prestigious cooperation: Homebase is a leading technology – real estate company in Southeast Asia, trusted by many top investment funds worldwide and in the region, such as Y Combinator, Antler, Partech Partners, and VinaCapital. The most recent $30 million is a testament to Homebase’s ability to solve the home ownership problems.
  • Flexible payments: Instead of paying interest and principal each month, Homebase gives you the flexibility to choose from one of two redemption plans: “Ownership Payment” and “Minimum Payment”.

Especially with the Minimum Payment, you only need to pay for the annual property price increase, saving more each month to map out a long-term financial plan.

  • Transparent monthly fees: Monthly payment is notified to you from the beginning, avoiding arising during the contract’s validity. Homebase also transparently discloses each fee item for you. As a result, it will be easier to allocate revenue and expenditure and feel more secure when joining us.

Urgent financial need? Urgent business loan? Sign up here for a consultation on unlocking equity and getting adequate capital today. You can also call the Homebase team via phone/Zalo/Whatsapp (+84) 948 230 033 or email customer@gethomebase.com. Homebase will contact you within 48 hours and gladly answer any questions!