Playing a farmer at Ba Vi countryside farm, unique educational experience

The Hanoitimes - Coming to Ba Vi countryside farm in Van Hoa commune, Ba Vi district, Hanoi, tourists will immerse themselves in nature and have opportunities to play the farmers.

The road to the farm doesn’t have many bends and green trees lined up are drenched with night dew. On two sides of the road, colorful wildflowers with small petals look like waving  to welcome visitors. Only 65km from the center of Hanoi, the countryside farm is located on a nice little hill, leaning against the Ba Vi mountain range. It has the unique agricultural terrain including forests, hills, mountains, ponds, streams and river which represents the Red River wet rice civilization, one of the ancient world civilizations. 
The countryside farm is located on a nice little hill, leaning against Ba Vi mountain range

The countryside farm is located on a nice little hill, leaning against Ba Vi mountain range
Looking down from the farm, tourists admire the terraced fields created by the Muong ethnic people. Behind is the endless green of the primeval forest in Ba Vi mountain range with three peaks at 1,100m, 1,200m and 1,300m respectively. Standing around here to breathe fresh air is enough for anyone to forget all daily concerns and stress.
Apart from finding a comfortable hideaway from bustling city, tourists to Ba Vi countryside farm are   interested in visiting traditional villages of local people. In the village of Ba Trai tea, visitors will manually pick tea leaves, process them and enjoy cups of tea with some peanut brittles of Duong Lam in the hills of tea radiating pure scent. They could  also   participate in agricultural tourism activities such as cultivating rice, fishing with bamboo trap, planting and picking wild vegetables and herbs, learning   to make honey, or feeding ostriches, goats, rabbits and dairy cows. Also visiting the bamboo forest and taking photos with a stone named the King’s Chair or  grilling the fish   wrapped   in banana leaves by  burying it in the straw are other attractions of the place
After enjoying delicious dishes made from local river fish, hill chicken and vegetables at the farm, tourists will have fun together at the campfire and be entertained by the cultural performances of two groups of the Muong and Dao ethnic people. Visitors can buy dairy products such as cow's milk, goat's milk, Ba Trai tea, Dao's medicines and safety food including organic vegetables, hill chicken, ostriches and rabbits to end a memorable and meaningful day at Ba Vi countryside farm.