Pink buffalo in Saigon

Dang Van Ghen, a farmer living in HCMC’s suburban district of Cu Chi, is the owner of a unique pink buffalo. Ghen bought the buffalo in 2001. The 30-year-old buffalo now weighs one ton. Some say that its pink skin may be because of albinism which causes abnormality related to pigmentation. Aside from the distinctive color, the pink buffalo is as strong as a normal buffalo.

Visitors admire the pink buffalo at Dai Nam Tourist Site in Binh Duong Province – PHOTOS: THANH HOA

Mr. Ghen’s buffalo has been famous and requested to be present at inauguration ceremonies of some events. Many believe that the pink buffalo may bring them good luck.

Dang Van Ghen with his pink buffalo
Mr. Ghen gives his buffalo a bath
The buffalo enjoys his meal
Close-ups of the buffalo’s pink skin