Restaurants in Phu Quoc Island

Buddy Ice Cream & Info Café

Buddy Ice Cream & Info Café is one of the oldest dining venues on Phu Quoc Island. Open daily, it attracts travellers looking to escape the heat with some delicious ice cream, iced teas, milkshakes. Service here is also warm and friendly, with its staff more than happy to offer tips on what to do on the island. If you're visiting in the morning, try some of Buddy Ice Cream's simple breakfast options – we highly recommend its toasted vegemite and cheese sandwiches (VND 55,000).

  • Opening Hours: Daily 07:30 – 22:00
  • Address: 6 Bach Dang Street, Duong Dong, Kien Giang, Phu Quoc Island
  • Tel: +84 77 3994 181

Gop Gio Restaurant

Gop Gio Restaurant is a local favourite on Phu Quoc Island that has gained massive popularity among travellers looking to enjoy authentic Vietnamese dishes in a casual setting. A 10-minute stroll from the Dinh Cau Rock, this fuss-free restaurant is also renowned for its fresh seafood such as eel, shrimp, and barracuda, all of which are

  • Opening Hours: Daily 09:00 – 20:00
  • Address: 145 Bach Dang Street, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc Island
  • Tel: +84 77 384 7057

Itaca Resto Lounge Phu Quoc

Itaca Resto Lounge Phu Quoc attracts a steady clientele of foreign tourists thanks to its extensive range of mainly Mediterranean tapas with a smattering of pan Asian styles and alcoholic offerings. Owned (and managed) by a Spanish expat, service here is prompt and friendly, making it an ideal venue for romantic dinners and casual gatherings alike.

  • Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 18:00 – 23:45 (closed Mondays)
  • Address: 125 Tran Hung Dao Street, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc Island
  • Tel: +84 77 399 2022

Khanh Ly Vegetarian Restaurant

Khanh Ly Vegetarian Restaurant is an affordable eatery with an extensive buffet of vegetables, soups, noodles, and mock meat dishes. Located near Cao Dai Temple in Duong Dong, this self-service dining spot attracts mostly locals and travellers looking to enjoy meat-free Vietnamese cuisine during their holiday on Phu Quoc Island. There’s no menu available – staff will hand you a plate of rice and you can top it with as many side dishes as you want before paying for your meal. Expect to pay between VND 30,000 and VND 50,000 per person.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 10:00 – 20:00
  • Address: 35 Nguyen Trai Street, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc Island

La Cafe Deli

La Cafe Deli is a cosy coffee shop along Tran Hung Dao Street, serving a wide range of western cuisine, fruit smoothies and coffee. Fitted with air-conditioning, repurposed furnishing, quaint antiques and vinyl and plush cushions, it’s a popular spot for tourists to unwind after a day at the beach or sightseeing around Phu Quoc Island. The food menu ranges from sandwiches and salads to pasta and burgers. Drinks are priced between VND 20,000 and VND 40,000 and you can have a shot of rum into your juice for an additional VND 30,000.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 06:00 – 24:00
  • Address: 11 Tran Hung Dao Street, Phu Quoc Island
  • Tel: +84 93 688 2036

On The Rocks Restaurant at Mango Bay Resort

On the Rocks Restaurant at Mango Bay Resort is an all-day dining venue overlooking Ong Lang Beach, where travellers can enjoy a diverse range of authentic Vietnamese, Asian and western favourites from 06:30 until late. Fitted with plush sofas, a must-try is the Phu Quoc Mackerel (VND 230,000) comprises locally-sourced mackerel poached in soy bean and shiitake broth, served with bok choy and ginger rice. Great for sharing is the Ying-Yang Basket (VND 185,000), which consists of fresh spring rolls, coconut shrimps, beef la lot, and banana blossom salad. On the Rocks Restaurant also offers an extensive wine list at all times, as well as fresh fruit juices and tropical cocktails.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 06:30 – late
  • Address: Ong Lang Beach, Phu Quoc Island
  • Tel: +84 903 382 207

Sakura Restaurant

Sakura Restaurant, despite its name, serves grilled seafood and Vietnamese fare at very attractive prices. This charming family-run establishment is a good spot for large groups thanks to its spacious setting and generously-portioned dishes. Stir-fried meat dishes start at VND 90,000 while grilled seafood is priced at VND 150,000. Highly recommended dishes include the fresh prawns cooked in coconut milk, sweet-and-sour pork, grilled red snapper, and fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce. Set along Ong Lang Beach, Sakura Restaurant is a 15-minute walk from the Mango Bay Resort.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 10:00 – 22:00
  • Address: Ong Lang Beach, Phu Quoc Island
  • Tel: +84 122 818 3484

The Pepper Tree at La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc

The Pepper Tree at La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc occupies an all-white terrace building with stunning views, where you can enjoy premium wines and fine-dining cuisine during their holiday on Phu Quoc Island.
Ideal for romantic dinners, this upmarket dining venue is fitted with French colonial décor, white curtains, warm lighting and cosy seats while

  • Opening Hours: Daily 06:30 – 23:00
  • Address: La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc, Phu Quoc Island
  • Tel: +84 77 3982 988

Vuon Tao Restaurant

Vuon Tao Restaurant is a rustic seafood joint on Phu Quoc Island that’s renowned for its goi ca trich or raw herring salad. Served with a side of fresh greens and guoc nam sauce, this local dish combines fresh herring, lemon juice, chillies, onions, sliced vegetables, and shredded coconut wrapped in rice paper. Vuon Tao Restaurant also produces its own ruou sim, a local alcoholic beverage that’s made with the fruit of rose myrtle tree. Located opposite Long Beach Resort Phu Quoc, this open-air restaurant is a good choice for travellers looking to enjoy a light lunch before exploring Phu Quoc Island.

  • Opening Hours: Daily 07:00 – 21:00
  • Address: Cua Lap Hamlet, Dong To, Phu Quoc Island
  • Tel: +84 77 398 1400

Winston’s Burgers & Beer

Winston’s Burgers & Beer attracts a steady clientele of expats and tourists on Phu Quoc Island with its extensive range of generously-sized burgers, imported beers and ciders, as well as potent cocktails. Ideal for travellers craving comfort food from back home, this lively bistro also offers a selection of affordably-priced milkshakes, soft drinks, and fruit juices

  • Opening Hours: Daily 13:00 – 22:30
  • Address: 121/1 Tran Hung Dao Street, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc Island
  • Tel: +84 126 390 1093