Photographic exhibition introduces Italian mountains to Vietnamese audience

HCMC - The Consulate General of Italy in HCMC will organize the “Italian Routes” photographic exhibition introducing the Italian mountains and mountaineering from May 20 until June 12, 2021, at the HCMC Museum of Fine Arts.

Dante Brandi, Consul General of Italy in HCMC, speaks at a press conference on the “Italian Routes – Mountains, mountaineering, climate change” exhibition – PHOTO: MINH TUAN

The exhibition will continue in Hanoi from June 25 to July 25 at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology.

The “Italian Routes – Mountains, mountaineering, climate change” exhibition is a project of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, showcasing the outstanding work of photographer Fabiano Ventura and will be promoted by the Embassies and Consulates General of Italy in the world, heading to the COP26 co-chaired by the UK and Italy at the end of 2021 in Glasgow.

“Vietnam has been chosen as the first destination thanks to the country’s effective containment of the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Dante Brandi, Consul General of Italy in HCMC.

The aim of the exhibition is to highlight to an international audience the great Italian tradition linked to mountain culture and mountaineering as a means of understanding the mountain territory, its environmental value and the importance of environmental awareness in the practices of accessing natural habitats to preserve the ecosystems.

The central part of the exhibition, “Italian Mountains”, is an ideal journey that from the Gran Paradiso range explores the entire Alpine arc from west to east, crossing the massifs of Mont Blanc, Mount Rosa and Cervino, Bernina, Ortles-Cevedale and Adamello, moving on to the east, reaching the Dolomites and the Julian Alps. The Italian route ends with the main Apennine mountain group, the Gran Sasso.

Each of the nine mountain groups is represented by large-format photographs that highlight their evocative landscape aspects and by comparative historical and contemporary images that highlight the evolution of the glacial masses, underlining the effects of climate change on the mountain landscape.

Each group is accompanied by an introduction panel illustrating its geographical, historical and geo-glaciological characteristics, together with a suggested itinerary. Finally, each mountain section is enriched with reproductions of documents and historical material on the first alpine explorations.

The photographic section is accompanied by video recordings of the expedition, “On the Trails of the Glaciers – Alps 2020”, made in the same places as the nine proposed stages.

The final section, “A Look at the World”, extends the perspective to the Earth's most important mountain ranges, underlining the continuity of mountaineering culture at a global level.

The Consulate General of Italy will also combine the Italian Routes exhibition with a complementary exhibition titled “Landscapes of Vietnam – Ecological Diversity, New Climate Pattern, New Discovery” by remarkable Vietnamese photographers Hoang The Nhiem, Hoang Giang Hai and Tran Dang Dang Khoa on the subject of Vietnamese caves and mountains.

The exhibition will offer a glimpse into local mountain areas through the eyes of prominent local artists, providing a great addition to the audience with a comparative approach.

This duo exhibition with well-curated photography is an opportunity for visitors to see the distinctiveness of nature and beautiful landscapes of the two countries.

All events organized by the Consulate General of Italy will strictly comply with preventive measures of Covid-19. All attendees are requested to wear face masks and disinfect their hands with sanitizer.