Photographer brings out the beauty of the ocean

The underwater pictures taken by photographer Nguyen Ngoc Thien have not only made a strong impression on viewers but also gotten recognition from experienced photographers.

Thien has always been passionate about the art of photography and the diversifying genres from landscape to nature to daily life. He so far has 17 photos selected to be published in National Geographic.

Born in 1988, the photographer was inspired by the documentary “The Blue Planet” directed by British naturalist Sir David Attenborough.

As an adventurous person, Thien decided on underwater photography as the path he would pursue. The first thing he had to do was to go to Nha Trang to get a freediving and scuba diving certification.

Underwater photography means you have to take life-threatening risks. You could suffer from lack of oxygen, the pressure of diving deep, or the continuous change of underground currents. You must be well equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary in an unfavorable environment.

During the last two years, the excellent pictures Thien has taken have opened up a wonderful sight of the deep ocean with amazingly beautiful coral reefs. These pictures remind each of us about the hidden beauty of the Vietnamese coasts, raising the community’s awareness of protecting and conserving invaluable aquatic ecosystems.

Some awards Thien has received

– Excellence Award at the Vietnam Heritage Photo Awards 2019;
– The bronze medal of the Vietnam Art Photo Contest and Exhibition 2020;
– Finalist of the Smithsonian Magazine’s Photo Contest 2019;
– Finalist & 5th place in the Epson International Pano Awards 2019
– Winner of the Siena International Photo Awards 2020;
– Winner of The Prix De La Photographie, Paris 2020 (PX3);
– Honorable-Mention & Remarkable Artwork & Commended award of Drone Photo Awards 2020;
– 17 Photos Published in National Geographic Yourshort.

Story: Ly Hoang Long – Photos: Nguyen Ngoc Thien