The photo, A Simple Game Played by Children all over the World, was captured by Tran Tuan Viet. 

It portrays a group of children laughing as they play with old motorcycle tyres on a sand dune in the coastal fishing town of Mui Ne, a famous travel destination in Vietnam.

The image earned the most votes on the Agora app with the “Hero” title and a US$1,000 prize.

It was one of the event’s 50 finalists selected by the organiser.

“Many local children come to the dunes in Mui Ne to play and work with their parents. They offer sand slides for hire and sell squeezed coconuts to visitors,” said winner Viet.

“Children here are poor. They are not familiar with modern life like urban children. They work hard and they’re always happy. Their joy comes from simple games.”

He plans to donate his prize money to support Vietnam’s COVID-19 fighting efforts.

The World’s Best Photo of Fun contest, #Fun2020, was launched by the photo app Agora on March 6. It attracted more than 9,000 pictures of different topics and types of photography. 

Most of the works were about the natural world and people in daily life. Happiness and smiles were highlighted.

“You can see different cultures and lifestyles through our contest, #Fun2020,” said Octavi Royo, founder of the app Agora.