On display are 350 beautiful photos, featuring Vietnam’s heritages that were recognised by the UNESCO, historical relic sites, famous landscapes and documents including My Son Sanctuary, Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex, Hue Royal Court Music, Central Highland gong cultural space, Xoan singing, Hung Kings worshiping rituals and tug-of-war.

The exhibits also promote the images of traditional festivals, folk games and cultural activities from all regions around the country.

In addition, 70 other photos highlight the beauty of terraced paddy fields in the north-western regions, traditional costumes, folk artisans and trade villages in various localities throughout the country.

The exhibition also introduces visitors to 200 typical products from many traditional trade villages, such as Phu Dieu pottery, Son Dong wood, Bat Trang and Chu Dau pottery, Chuong village’s conical hats and Phu Vinh bamboo and rattan.

On the occasion, a folk art exchange programme will also be held to promote the traditional folk art forms, including Xam singing, Ca tru, chau van, quan ho, Then singing, bai choi, don ca tai tu and Central Highland gong performances.

The virtual exhibition will be held via the websites of Vietnam Exhibition Centre for Culture and Arts at http://trienlamvhnt.vn and of Ninh Binh provincial Department of Culture and Sports at http://vhtt.ninhbinh.gov.vn.