The event was jointly organized by the Ministry of Information and Communications and the People’s Committee of Ha Giang province.

The exhibition is divided into four sections to showcase photographs and documents on various topics, including: the promotion of solidarity, creativity, integration, and sustainable development among ethnic minorities; Vietnamese religions and beliefs; the fight against the exploitation of ethnicity and religion; and images of the ethnic and religious communities of Ha Giang province.

This event serves as a platform for disseminating information and promoting awareness about ethnicity and historical traditions, as well as national cultural identity. It also highlights the Party’s viewpoints and policies, the State’s laws on ethnicity, belief, and religion, and the societal values of religion.

Moreover, the exhibition aims to foster the strength of national unity and religious solidarity in the pursuit of national construction and defense. It seeks to preserve and promote the traditional historical and cultural values of the Vietnamese nation, while also strengthening unity and solidarity in achieving socio-economic development goals and safeguarding the Fatherland. Additionally, it aims to combat deviant expressions and prevent the exploitation of beliefs and religions, which may negatively impact social order, safety, and the well-being of the people.