Fuster outperformed nearly 70 contestants from all over the world to become the winner of the pageant.

It is the second time that a representative from Peru has been crowned Miss Grand International.

The organizing board awarded the titles of first, second, and third runner-up to contestants from Myanmar, Colombia, and the United States.

The Vietnamese representative, Le Hoang Phuong, was named the fourth runner-up of the global contest. She also won the title of Miss Best National Costume.

When answering the judge’s question, she expressed her pain as an architect when she sees houses and families being destroyed by war. Thousands of people have died, and children are unable to attend school.

“I want to make my voice heard. I want children to know how beautiful peace is. Let’s stop war and restore peace to humanity!” she said.

The organizers also awarded the title of fifth runner-up to contestants from the Netherlands, Thailand, Indonesia, Dominica, and Angola.

Earlier, the organizing board selected the top 20 contestants from the United States, Puerto Rico, Nigeria, the Czech Republic, Indonesia, Honduras, Laos, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, India, Ukraine, Thailand, Peru, Angola, the Netherlands, Uzbekistan, France, Spain, and Vietnam.

Then, they narrowed it down to the Top 10, with contestants from Myanmar, Colombia, Angola, the Netherlands, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Dominican Republic, and Peru.

The title of Miss Best in Swimsuit went to a contestant from the Dominican Republic, while the title of Miss Popular Vote was awarded to a contestant from Myanmar.