The exhibition “The Language of Water” showcases over 30 medium and small-sized paintings, capturing the lifestyle, culture, people, and architecture of Asian countries the artist has traveled to.

The artworks also celebrate the beauty and diversity of Vietnamese culture and its people through the use of giang paper.

Giang paper, derived from the giang tree, a type of bamboo, is primarily used in rituals associated with festivals and ancestor worship.

This paper has a rough texture and high absorbency, making it ideal for watercolor paintings.

Coming from a family of artists, López has developed a profound skill in painting, particularly in watercolor, as well as in music and performing arts.

In 2007, he graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Ayacucho, Peru. López further pursued his painting studies, specializing in watercolor techniques, at the National School of Art Calors Baca Flor de Arequipa and completed his studies in 2013.

His watercolor works delve into the inner spiritual narratives of indigenous peoples and cultures, exploring the world’s diversity through artistic journeys from Peru to Europe and Asia.

López has been an honorary member of the National Watercolor Society in the US since 2019. His works have been exhibited in various galleries across Europe and Asia.
He has received notable awards such as the Honor Society Award at the 100th National Watercolor Society International Open Exhibition in the US and the First Prize at the XXV International Meeting of Landscape Painters in Argentina.

The exhibition will be open until November 29 at XYZ Café & Artspace, located at 50 Nguyen Van Mai street in District 3.