Performance of Israel & Vietnam Folk Harmony to be held in Hanoi

NDO/VNA – The Israel & Vietnam Folk Harmony programme is scheduled to take place at the Youth Theatre in Hanoi on August 25.


The event, which is being co-organised by the Israeli Embassy in Vietnam and a unit of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, is set to feature a number of amazing performances by artists from both Israel and Vietnam.

Among the artists set to take place, the Israeli folk dance troupe Hora Shemesh are to make their debut in Vietnam with a performance that combining traditional dancing with modern acts.

Hora Shemesh, a large dance troupe, is renowned for their colourful costumes and use of uplifting music. Through their art, they paint an interesting picture of Israeli culture and life.

In addition to the show in Hanoi, Hora Shemesh is scheduled to have a second show in Lao Cai city on August 29.

The programme will also feature performances by several local artists and several well-known symphonies, including Cam Xuc Tay Nguyen (Central Highlands Capriccio), Diem Xua (You My Deep Sorrow), and classical march theme “Turkish March.”

Most notably, under the guidance of young conductor Dong Quang Vinh, the nation’s first all-bamboo ensemble Suc Song Moi (New Vitality), are to perform a symphonically orchestrated repertoire purely with bamboo music instruments.