The Government promulgates Decree 45/2022 on sanctioning of administrative violations in the field of environment, in which, adding regulations on penalties for individuals and households who do not classify household waste. effective from 25/8.

People should note that garbage will have to be divided into 3 categories: recyclable, reusable; food waste; other types of solid waste. Also according to the Law on Environmental Protection, if anyone does not classify or use packaging in accordance with regulations, the collection and transportation facilities have the right to refuse to collect.

Decree 45/2022 stipulates that agencies, organizations and owners of production, business and service establishments that generate ordinary industrial solid waste shall be sanctioned as follows:

– A fine of between 3 and 5 million dong shall be imposed for failing to have a record of handing over industrial solid waste that must normally be treated for each transfer according to regulations.

– A fine of between VND 20-25 million for acts of failing to classify at the source of ordinary industrial solid waste as prescribed; equipment and tools for storing industrial solid waste normally do not meet technical requirements for environmental protection.

The maximum fine for an administrative violation in the field of environmental protection is 1 billion VND for individuals and 2 billion VND for organizations. The statute of limitations for sanctioning administrative violations in the field of environmental protection is 2 years.

Source: CafeBiz