The recognition aims to preserve and promote the unique festival that strongly expresses the rich culture of the Pa Then ethnic group.

The fire jumping ritual is one of the most significant traditional ceremonies of the Pa Then ethnic minority.

Each year, on the 16th day of the first lunar month, the Pa Then people, predominantly residing in Hong Quang commune in Lam Binh district, organize this ritual to express gratitude for a prosperous year of successful harvests and a healthy life.

According to their beliefs, fire symbolizes a supreme god and is thought to bring good luck and prosperity. The Pa Then people also view fire as a means to ward off demons and diseases.

The ritual includes a prayer ceremony conducted by shamans, who seek blessings for luck, happiness, health, and peace from the Fire God.

Young men fearlessly jump over a coal fire, unharmed. They also kick up the coal pile to surprise spectators and might even handle live coals or put one in their mouth.

The ceremony is not only a unique cultural activity but also a wild and mysterious practice performed by the Pa Then people.