Hundreds of staffers worked to fix storm-related issues on overhead power lines in Quang Binh Province, Tran Xuan Cong, deputy director of Quang Binh Power Company, said on Sunday.

The electricity firm was working extra hours to undertake system repairs due to the outage at over 75,000 households.

He also affirmed that the repair staff would rotate shifts and work overnight to reconnect electricity for local households.

Storm Vamco passed over Quang Binh for more than five hours, causing damage with strong winds and heavy rain.

The storm gusts and whirlwinds destroyed various parts of the power line system in the province.

Over 177,000 households in 68 communes of the province were without power, with Bo Trach and Quang Trach currently facing the most extensive power grid damage and the largest number of households affected.

In light of the damage, electricity workers in Quang Binh have been mobilized since 3:00 pm on Sunday after the storm passed to work on the affected spots.

They successfully reconnected electricity to about 100,000 households, but the remaining 75,000 were still without power by Sunday evening.

“If the issues remain unsolved by the next morning, we will ask forces from the mountainous districts of Minh Hoa and Tuyen Hoa for assistance,” Cong said.

<em>Metal roofing pieces are blown to the ground after Storm Vamco makes landfall. Photo: </em>L.Giang / Tuoi Tre

Metal roofing pieces are blown to the ground after Storm Vamco makes landfall. Photo: L.Giang.

According to the National Steering Committee for Disaster Prevention, Control, Search and Rescue, Storm Vamco created gusts from level eight to level 11 on the Beaufort scale and precipitation ranging from 70 to 100 millimeters.

Eight people were injured during attempts to reinforce houses before the storm.

A total of 231 buildings had their roofs blown away, 215 of which were in Bo Trach District.

Meanwhile, three boats collided and sank from damage caused by rough sea waves.

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