From October 5 to November 5, 2021, the Department of Performing Arts received enthusiastic responses from nine art troupes and around 100 artists from nearly 30 provinces and cities.

Accordingly, 149 recordings and 51 art programmes, in different categories including music, dance, drama, cheo (Vietnamese traditional opera), tuong (classical drama), cai luong (reformed opera), circus and mua roi (puppetry), were submitted to the organising board.

The works were elaborately and passionately staged, while drawing the participation of several famous artists from across the country.

Finally, two first, two second, four third and six consolation prizes were presented to the 14 best music videos (MV). Two first place prizes went to the MV entitled “Bai ca chien thang” (Song of victory) which was composed by Nguyen Ngoc Hien and performed by the Ca Mau provincial Public Security team and the MV “Hanoi – Khuc dong dao chong dich” (Hanoi – Anti-epidemic folk song) which was composed by Tran Cuong, written by Quoc Cuong and performed by Tuoi Tre Theatre artists.

Meanwhile, nine art programmes were also honoured, including one first, two second, two third and four consolation prizes. This included the puppetry play entitled “Que em chong dich” (My homeland fights against the pandemic) by Thang Long Puppetry Theatre.