On the occasion of the 61st anniversary of bilateral diplomatic relations (September 5, 1962-2023), Deputy Chairman of the Dien Bien provincial People’s Committee Vu A Bang highlighted the significance of the event, stating that it contributes to realizing the guidelines and policies of both countries in promoting diplomatic relations, culture, and tourism.

Bang emphasized that the festival serves as an opportunity for Vietnam and Laos to reaffirm the special friendship and solidarity between their people, especially those in the northwestern provinces, Ho Chi Minh City, and northern provinces of Laos.

Deputy Governor of Luang Prabang province, Bounleuam Manivong, stressed that the event aims not only to promote cultural exchange and tourism but also to further strengthen the great friendship, special solidarity, and comprehensive cooperation between Laos and Vietnam.

The three-day festival showcases a variety of cultural, sport, and tourism activities that introduce the distinct cultural identities and tourism products of the northwestern region, HCM City, and Luang Prabang. These activities include exhibitions featuring tourism photos from Vietnamese and Lao localities, displays of tourism and agricultural products, and opportunities to experience the cultural, sport, and tourism activities characteristic of the respective regions.

Familiarization trips, a workshop promoting tourism in the northwest and HCM City, and a cultural exchange program between northwestern provinces and Luang Prabang are also scheduled.

This event is part of the 2023 cooperation plan under the agreement on tourism development cooperation between HCM City and eight northwestern provinces for 2020-2025. It is expected to enhance cooperation, friendship, and cultural, economic, trade, and tourism ties between the Vietnamese localities and Luang Prabang, as well as other northern Lao provinces.