The upcoming exhibition will feature 14 visual artists from Singapore and Vietnam, showcasing artworks that celebrate the history and culture of the two countries while highlighting the mutual friendship between them.

This special event is a collaboration between Maya Gallery of Singapore and Chau & Co Gallery of Vietnam, marking the significant milestones of the 50th anniversary of bilateral relations and the 10th anniversary of the strategic partnership between the two nations.

Themed “Huu Nghi,” which translates to “friendship” in Vietnamese, the exhibition explores commonalities and synergies through various subject matters, including cultural values, symbolisms, unity and harmony, society, natural landscapes, and the built environment. Vanessa Yeo, in her curatorial essay, offers insights into the artists’ exploration of these themes.

More than just an art exhibition, this event symbolizes the enduring bonds and spirit of cooperation that unites Singapore and Vietnam. It is supported by the Singapore Embassy in Hanoi and Singapore Global Network, aiming to enhance mutual understanding, appreciation, and deeper connections among people.