The show, called Dieu Khac Viet (A Taste of Vietnamese Sculpture), features 60 works in different materials selected by the organiser and curator Iris Pham.

The works, mostly in wood, bronze, composite, and ceramics, portray life, youth and love.

Highlighted works featuring women and children in daily life are created by female artists Huynh Thao, Nguyen Thi Dung and Ho Nguyen.

Huynh Thao’s sculptures, in lacquer and composite, with lotuses left a good impression on viewers. The works in vivid colours highlight the beauty of the natural word.

Sculptor Ho Nguyen sent its works with theme of children and environment to the showcase.

One of his works, called Em Mo (I Dream), features children in sleep but the atmosphere is polluted.

The event also includes videos featuring the artists’ careers and art.

The exhibition is displayed in the Facebook page Viet Art Exchange, and will close on April 20.

The page has attracted more than 1,200 members, mostly Vietnamese artists, collectors and galleries. Viet Art Exchange aims to help young Vietnamese artists introduce their art and connect them with viewers.