The exhibition introduces to the public more than 100 typical images, reflecting truthfully and vividly the lives of officers, soldiers and people on the Truong Sa Archipelago, the DK1 rig, the forces who are guarding the sovereignty of the sea, islands and sacred continental shelf of the fatherland day and night, border guard forces, and border people to welcome spring.

Additionally, there are images of youth nationwide towards the border and islands with many practical activities contributing to propaganda, protect environment and territorial sovereignty; creative solutions, practical activities to develop the marine economy. Through this, the activities of the programme “Border Spring-Island Tet” over the past six years (2016-2021) have also been reviewed.

Along with the works of professional photographers or journalists, the exhibition also has photos taken by the characters themselves, especially the commanding officer, the crew building the rig, the soldiers on the island, the delegates who visited the island. Each frame and image, the beauty of the sea, the islands, and the contributions of soldiers are conveyed in a close, simple manner that is full of artistic and emotional quality.

In addition, online visitors also have the opportunity to experience and explore Truong Sa Islands through interesting stories from the book series by two authors, engineer Tran Vu Thanh, leader of Youth Club for Homeland Sea and Islands and poet and journalist Lu Mai.

Nguyen Viet Hung, Director of the Vietnam Youth Museum, shared: “In the past, the Vietnam Youth Museum and the Youth Club for Homeland Sea and Islands held dozens of travelling exhibitions each year on borders and islands across all regions of the country. In 2021, due to the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the exhibition will take place online on the occasion of the 77th founding anniversary of the Vietnam People’s Army (December 22, 1944 – December 22, 2021). This is a practical activity to contribute to the propagation and education of patriotism and national pride, which is suitable to the context and trend of information technology application in all aspects of social life.

On this occasion, the organising board also launched many meaningful programmes such as calling for social resources to contribute to giving Tet gifts for the navy and border guards on duty at sea, on islands and on land.

The online photo exhibition will run until the end of January 31, 2022, at the following addresses: