Specifically, the event was organised at the Vietnam National Music Song and Dance Theatre in Hanoi; Military Zone 4 stationed in Nghe An Province; Bien Xanh (Blue Ocean) Theatre in Binh Thuan Province; Ho Chi Minh City; and the Vietnam Cultural Centre in Paris (France).

The programme was directed by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, chaired by the Department of Performing Arts, and assigned to the Vietnam National Music Song and Dance Theatre to perform.

This was a practical activity to improve the cultural and spiritual lives of the people in the context of the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic in Vietnam. Thereby, the event also contributes to promote the spirit of solidarity, consensus, and determination to defeat the pandemic.

The programme was broadcast live on Youtube, Fanpage, Facebook channels of the Department of Performing Arts, Vietnam National Music Song and Dance Theatre, and several other online interfaces.

Directed by Meritorious Artist La Truong Bac, "To Quoc Trong Tim" brought unique and diverse art performances to the stage. All works show love for the homeland and the country, have the strength to unite, and encourage the whole people to come together and firmly overcome all difficulties.

In particular, the programme also brought sincere and emotional sharing from many participating artists, showing the joint efforts and consensus of the artists in the fight against the pandemic.

According to Director of the Vietnam National Music Song and Dance Theatre Nguyen Hai Linh, because the programme took place during a stressful time of the epidemic, the organisers did not make the stage, the performances did not have dance illustrations either. Each artist participating in the programme had to prepare the songs and music in advance of the live broadcast.

The programme featured the participation of many famous artists such as Meritorious Artist Duc Long, Meritorious Artist Van Khanh, Meritorious Artist Tang Thanh Son, Meritorious Artist Dinh Linh, Meritorious Artist Tien Lam, Meritorious Artist Thanh Phap, Pha le (Crystal) group, and Thang Long group.