Nui Mot Lake, a perfect getaway destination

Endowed with intact natural scenery and a peaceful atmosphere, Nui Mot Lake in Nhon Tan Commune in the central province of Binh Dinh is an ideal camping site for any nature lover.

Nui Mot Lake, a perfect getaway destination
The picturesque scenery of Nui Mot Lake. — Photo

Located about 40km from Quy Nhon City, Nui Mot is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Binh Dinh Province, covering more than 1,200ha.

To get to the lake, tourists drive along Highway 19 to reach An Truong Village in Nhon Tan Commune and then turn left, driving along the concrete road for about 8km. If you drive for another 15 minutes, you will end up in a vast green grass field suitable for camping.

Nui Mot Lake is surrounded by ranges of mountains and primaeval forests. The charming natural landscape with calm crystal water will give you an instant sense of peace and relaxation.

Visitors can choose either a one-day visit or erect tents to spend the night and watch the sunrise by the lake the next morning.

Nui Mot Lake, a perfect getaway destination
The meadow by Nui Mot Lake is ideal for camping. — Photo

The second option is highly recommended as the experience of setting a campfire and cooking with friends or family surrounded by the natural landscape will definitely leave visitors with memories of a lifetime.

However, there aren’t any shops nearby so tourists should prepare necessities like food and drink.

Also make sure you bring insect repellent if you plan to stay overnight, as well as fishing rods if you’re a keen angler.

According to Le Hong Phuoc, a local tour guide, campers should arrive and erect their tents in the afternoon, then grill food by the campfire and chat with friends in the evening, before waking up early the next morning to enjoy the stunning sunrise.

Nui Mot Lake, a perfect getaway destination
A local rows a boat around Nui Mot Lake. — Photo

The spring and early autumn are the best times to explore Nui Mot Lake when the changes of time and nature weave the unique colours of the place.


In the spring, tourists will be captivated by the crystal sky and water reflecting the surrounding rows of trees.

In the last days of summer and early autumn when the water is low, a winding meadow gradually emerges from the bed of the lake. The meadow is composed of three colours – green, yellow and the colour of the faded grass woven together. The herds of cows leisurely graze under the shade of the lone tree in the centre of the lake, watching the sky and clouds, with all of these scenes creating a tranquil picture.

In the high water season, the lake overflows with water. At this time, tourists can take a boat on the lake to explore the surrounding nature. As the lake is large, it will take about an hour to explore the whole area.

Besides the lake, tourists can also visit nearby Ong Dai Cave, a historical relic associated with Vietnamese resistance wars against foreign invaders. The cave still retains its original pristineness despite going through days of bombs and storms.

Nui Mot Lake, a perfect getaway destination
The cows leisurely graze by Nui Mot Lake. — Photo Ho Nui Mot Facebook

You can also keep walking to Do Waterfall to see the majestic scenery which has witnessed many love stories of local ethnic Bahnar couples. The top of the waterfall is the perfect place to see the whole view of Nui Mot Lake below.

The estimated cost for a camping trip to Nui Mot Lake is about VND200,000-300,000 per person (US$8.6-13), including fuel for transportation and food.

Nearby Nui Mot Lake is Canh Tien Village where Bahnar and Cham H’roi ethnic minority people live together. A visit to the village to participate in local activities will help visitors get immersed in local life and ethnic cultures.

The local ethnic people are also hospitable and willing to lead the visitors through the jungle to collect the produce of the forest like honey or wild strawberry which they could bring home as souvenirs of a memorable getaway.  VNS

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