The city’s 2021 New Year Festival will be held from December 30 to January 3, the local Department of Tourism announced.

It is expected to help revitalize local tourism during a ‘new normal’ state after the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, promoting tourism and leisure products as well as introducing the newest travel services.

Held at Da Nang’s Asia Park, it will present a broad collection of activities, including cyclo parades, free night rides on the Han River, fireworks displays at the Dragon Bridge, musical performances, and other functions along the Han River waterfront.

The centerpiece of the event is the Da Nang 2021 New Year celebration show, supported by art performance shows every night, a noodle festival, a fair exhibiting Da Nang’s specialty products, and spaces for photo ops.

According to the department, the street art events will feature performances of Vietnamese folk instruments as well as saxophone, guitar, flamenco symphony, pop and rock gigs.

Meanwhile, the noodle festival will offer a special experience from cuisines all over the world, from the local Quang-style noodle, hu tieu, pho, bun, banh canh to the foreign pad Thai, spaghetti, Chinese crunchy noodles, wonton soup, Korean Naengmyeon, as well as Singaporean and Indian signature dishes.

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