Nha Trang offers more than the beach

Besides offering beautiful beaches, Nha Trang attracts visitors with its pagodas, temple towers, and marine world display.


The mystery and charm of the Ponagar Tower sparkle with more magic at night. Photo travel.com.vn

Hòn Chồng in Nha Trang is a complex of rocks stacked together and the surrounding scenery is a tourist attraction on its own. It stands 3km northeast of the central town’s centre.

The emerald moss carpet on Nha Trang Beach, about 50 metres from Trần Phú Bridge, is another major attraction. The best time to visit this place is between 6-9 am when the tide is low.


The beautiful sight draws thousands of locals and tourists during weekends. It is a photographer’s delight and the cameras are always out.

The Ponagar Cham temple tower is located on top of a hill about 10 m above sea level at the estuary of the Cái River in Vĩnh Phước Ward.

This is one of the largest Cham cultural heritage vestiges in the country and has several architectural features to wonder at and admire. – VNS