The event will see the participation of over 600 women of various ages. The parade will be carefully choreographed and will showcase performances of Non La (palm-leaf hat) dancing, fan dancing, and Ao Dai (Vietnamese traditional long dress).

The Ao Dai parade will be the highlight of the Hanoi Tourism Ao Dai Festival 2023, taking place from October 27 to October 29.

During a press conference held on October 16, Deputy Director Nguyen Hong Minh of the Hanoi Tourism Department stated that the event aims to honor the traditional Ao Dai of the Vietnamese people, while also attracting more domestic and international tourists to Hanoi.

The event also presents an opportunity for collaboration among Ao Dai fashion designers, craftsmen from traditional villages, and travel companies to enhance promotion, exchange, and cooperation, he added.

The opening ceremony will be broadcasted live on Hanoi Radio and Television on the evening of October 27 at the Ba Kieu Temple Flower Garden venue, featuring a captivating combination of music, lights, and performances showcasing Ao Dai from the north, central, and southern regions, including Hanoi, Hue, and Ho Chi Minh City.

Throughout the three-day festival, there will be 60 booths set up on Dinh Tien Hoang and Le Thach streets, introducing Ao Dai brands from all over the country to locals and tourists.

Moreover, a music gala will be hosted on October 28, creating a festive atmosphere for all participants.

On October 29, a photo exhibition on the Ao Dai and a forum on orientations and the development of the Ao Dai within the community will take place.

The Hanoi Tourism Ao Dai Festival was initially launched in 2022 with the ultimate objective of revitalizing the capital’s tourism sector after being heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.