The upcoming event will take place in an area of 11,200 sq.m and will be a great opportunity for book lovers. Over 20 publishing houses will participate in the event, displaying more than 3,000 titles. Visitors can expect to find Tet greeting poems and articles by President Ho Chi Minh, award-winning creative works with the theme “Studying and following the thought, morals, and lifestyle of President Ho Chi Minh,” as well as books by revolutionary predecessors, Party and State leaders, and spring newspapers and books by press agencies and journalists.

In addition to the diverse selection of books, there will also be special exhibitions. These include materials, photos, and works commemorating important anniversaries such as the 70th anniversary of the Dien Bien Phu Victory and the signing of the Geneva Accords, the 80th founding anniversary of the Vietnam People’s Army, and the 120th birth anniversary of Tran Phu. Visitors will also have the chance to explore a collection of valuable and rare publications.

Technology will also play a big role in this book festival. Visitors will have access to audiobooks and e-books, and there will be booths showcasing high-quality titles across various genres. For those looking to relax, there will be a dedicated recreational area for children.

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, hundreds of books will be given away for free to visitors. Additionally, this year’s event will introduce a cashless payment option for added convenience.