The Gie Trieng organize the New Rice celebration after the harvest at the end of the year. 

They thank the Jade Emperor and genies of the mountain, the forest, the spring, the rain, thunderstorms, and agriculture for blessing them with favorable weather and a bumper rice crop.

After a celebration and worship at home, they bring an offering of rice, meat, and fish to the Rong house for the Jade Emperor.

Y Moan of Ngoc Hoi district, Kon Tum province, describes the offering. “We offer vegetable and fish soup and rice cooked in bamboo tubes, grilled fish wrapped in banana leaves, and steamed pork.”

The patriarch prays and invites the genies to receive the offering and bless the villagers with a bumper crop and good health and chase away wild animals and diseases.

Hoang Huy Quyen, who is in charge of promoting a cultural lifestyle in Ngoc Hoi district, Kon Tum province, said the New Rice celebration of the Gie Trieng is the oldest ritual of the agriculture culture. 

Different types of offerings and their colors reflect wishes for fertility and productivity. The patriarch collects rice from every family and throws it around to all the people. 

Quyen said, “When the patriarch throws the rice, people attempt to catch it. They believe that if they catch an even number of grains and eat them, they will have a lot of luck.”

When the patriarch finishes the ritual, he shouts loudly to begin the festival. Men beat gongs and women dance around in a lively manner.

The Gie Trieng believe that the lifespan of a crop is 9 months so people should work for 9 months. The 3 months are for relaxing and festivals. 

In the past the New Rice celebration lasted many days and included many kinds of food and wine.