This is an opportunity for artists working in the fields of singing, dancing and music to exchange experiences and improve their professional skills. At the same time, it is an opportunity for cultural management agencies and leaders of art units to discover young talents, thereby making appropriate training and development plans.

There were 19 professional art and dance units nationwide participating in the festival’s 1st phase, including 18 units from the northern region and one units from the southern region which is the Bien Xanh (Blue Sea) Music and Dance Theatre (Binh Thuan Province).

As a rule, each unit can register to participate in a programme with a duration of 80 to 110 minutes. Programmes and performances that have won prizes from festivals and competitions organised by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and specialised associations are not allowed to participate in the festival. Participating art units and artists must ensure that they fully comply with the provisions of copyright, related rights, and current laws.

The organisers encourage units and artists to build programs and performances with elements of creativity, renewal and diversification of performance forms, bearing regional imprints and personal styles.

The best programmes and performances will be awarded gold, silver and bronze medals by the organising board. Based on the proposal of the Art Council, the organising board will have more awards for creative components such as: Art Direction; Director; Conductor; Musician; Choreographer; Lead Vocalist; Main Dancer; and Main Musician.

In the situation that the Covid-19 epidemic is still happening in some localities, the organising board requires art units and individuals attending the festival to strictly comply with all regulations on epidemic prevention and control.