The program “Strong and Rich from the National Sea” is co-organized by the Voice of Vietnam, the Party Central Committee’s Communication and Education Commission, the General Politics Department of the Vietnam People’s Army, and Khanh Hoa authorities.

The 90-minute program will feature three themes: “Sea Consciousness”, “Vietnam to Become Rich from the Sea”, and “Vietnam to Become Strong from the Sea”.

The head of the News and Current Affairs Channel at VOV1, Nguyen Vu Duy, stated that the program aims to implement the Party Resolution on the Strategy for the sustainable development of Vietnam’s marine economy until 2023, with a vision to 2045. The purely marine economic sectors are targeted to contribute 10% to the national GDP, as stated in the resolution.

The program aims to convey a message about national pride and determination to defend national sovereignty over the country’s sea and islands, as well as Vietnam’s aspiration to master the sea by harvesting its riches and safeguarding peace at sea.

Nguyen Vu Duy, who also serves as the deputy chief of the organizing board, stated, “This program highlights the sea consciousness that resides within each Vietnamese person and seeks to spread this consciousness, which has been nurtured throughout generations and is reflected in historical stories and the development of the marine economic sector. It will be a meaningful program to disseminate information about sea and island work.”

Over the past several months, artists at the VOV Orchestra have been diligently preparing for the program.

Under the guidance of conductor Doan Nguyen, all performances in the program carry a message about love for the sea and sea defense.

Nguyen Minh Quy, a trumpet player, expressed his pride in participating in programs that showcase the national sea, islands, and borders, saying, “I feel honored and proud to perform in programs featuring the national sea, islands, and borders. I’m very excited about the program, which energizes me. It’s very interesting.”

The art program “Strong and Rich from the National Sea” will be broadcast live on radio channels VOV1, VOV2, and VOV3, as well as TV channels VTC1, VOVTV, National Defense TV, and provincial radio and TV channels.

The program is also available on the Internet at, VTC News, VOV Live, and other digital platforms of VOV and other media agencies.