“When you imagine magnificent Asian rice fields swirling on the slopes of velvet green hills, you’re picturing Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam,” Big 7 Travel wrote, adding that “centuries of careful cultivation have shaped what are easily some of the most beautiful rice terraces in the world”.

Mu Cang Chai is also full of hiking trails and vibrant local culture. Black Hmong, a branch of one of Vietnam’s largest ethnicities, are the primary residents. Moreover, Mu Cang Chai provides a unique insight into their way of life, the website noted.

In 2017, the terraced fields were named among the 19 most picturesque peaks on earth by U.S. travel site Insider. Mu Cang Chai was also listed among the best places to enjoy autumn in Asia by Singaporean travel site Tripzilla in 2018, and among the most colourful destinations by U.S. Magazine Condé Nast Traveler in 2019.

Big 7 Travel is a website that provides information and guidance on tourism destinations around the world, as well as must-try experiences recommended by prestigious international magazines and newspapers. Recently, this website announced a list of the 50 most beautiful destinations in 2020 based on a survey of 1.5 million users through online platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram.

This article was originally published in NDO