Miss Vietnam 2022 beauty pageant launched

    The biennial national beauty contest Miss Vietnam 2022 has now opened for Vietnamese young women aged between 18 and 27.

    Women who have graduated from high school and are at least 1.63 metres tall and have had no cosmetic surgery are eligible to enter the contest. Participation is to be limited to unmarried women who have never given birth or parented a child.

    Entrants who have previously won first, second, or third prizes at local beauty contestants nationwide will progress through to the final round of the Miss Vietnam 2022 pageant.

    Moving forward, contestants will compete in parts such as the swimsuit, evening gown, and talent segments, as well as taking part in charity projects for the community and a Q&A.

    Along with the ultimate winner of the pageant, there will also be prizes for first runner-up and second runner-up, with the organisation board presenting sub-titles, including Miss Sea, Miss Talent, Miss Communications, Miss Fashion, Miss Tourism, Miss Sport, and Miss Ao Dai.

    The preliminary rounds of the competition are scheduled to be held in Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hanoi on September 9, September 16, and September 23, respectively.

    The leading 40 contestants will subsequently be selected to compete in the final round slated for between November 29 and December 23.

    The contest’s overall winner will receive a crown and a cash prize totaling VND350 million, whilst the first and second runners-up will be awarded VND250 million and VND200 million, respectively.

    Moreover, each sub-title winner will be given a sum of VND50 million.

    Since its inception back in 1988, Miss Vietnam has been organised by Tien Phong (Pioneer) newspaper and has emerged as one of the most prestigious national beauty contests, celebrating Vietnamese women’s beauty, spirit, lifestyle, and talent.

    Its winners have since gone on to record a number of significant achievements in global beauty contests, including Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien, Miss Grand International 2021, Do Thi Ha, a Top 13 finisher at Miss World 2021, and Nguyen Le Ngoc Thao, a Top 20 finisher at Miss Grand International 2020.

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