As stated by Nhi, the ensemble was created by 14-year-old designer Chau Gia Minh, who took inspiration from the rural symbol of the stork that represents hard-working Vietnamese people.

An outstanding feature of the attire is the expansive wings which showcase two elegant storks at the top. Furthermore, the gown is adorned with sequins and strings of pearls. Nhi also divulged that the dress weighs a total of 10 kg.

Looking ahead, the final night of the pageant is scheduled to take place on October 26.

Initially launched in 1960, Miss International is considered one of the four major international beauty pageants, alongside Miss World, Miss Universe, and Miss Earth. This year marks the 61st edition of the pageant.

In past competitions, Vietnamese representatives have achieved remarkable achievements, including Pham Hong Thuy Van who secured the third runner-up position in 2015 and Tuong San who reached the Top 8 in 2019.