The exhibition, entitled “BuscandoMéxico” (Exploring Mexico), showcases 32 small-scale oil paintings that feature symbolic places in 32 states or regions of Mexico. It also introduces three large-scale banners and various objects.

Rodarte is an artist with more than 20 years of experience. He has held 14 individual exhibitions in Mexico, the US, France and Poland and has participated in 14 collective exhibitions. His works have been exhibited at international fairs such as the Zona Maco Art Week (Mexico City, 2021) and the prestigious Art Miami International Fair (2021).

Mexican Ambassador to Vietnam Alejandro Negrín said that in recent years, relations between Mexico and Vietnam have grown remarkably, especially their bilateral trade. The two countries are currently carrying out negotiations on a comprehensive partnership agreement, with the aim of bringing the nations closer in all areas.

He expected that the exhibition will help Vietnamese people understand more about Mexican culture.

Vietnamese artist and photographer Viet Van said that Rodarte’s paintings are like emotional and colorful dialogues with viewers, which require a calm and open attitude to appreciate arts and receive new ideas.

The exhibition will open to the public until March 16 at the Museum of Fine Arts of Ho Chi Minh City.