The Provincial Center for Investment and Trade Promotion, in collaboration with the Tinh Bien administration, organized a press conference on Thursday to unveil the Cam Mountain Trail 2023. This groundbreaking event will mark the first-ever trail race to be held in the enchanting Mekong Delta region.

The tournament is jointly organized by the Victoria Chau Doc Hotel, Victoria Nui Sam Hotel, Vietrace365 JSC, and the management board of the Cam Mountain tourist area.

The Cam Mountain Trail aims to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle through trail running. This initiative is expected to fuel the growth of physical activity habits not only in the local area but also nationwide.

Le Trung Hieu, the Director of the provincial Center for Investment and Trade Promotion, expressed that the upcoming event will provide an opportunity for An Giang to showcase its tourism, cultural heritage, and local products. Additionally, the event aims to promote a positive message of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Running enthusiasts of all levels, from novice to professional athletes, are invited to participate in our prestigious sports event. With a variety of race options available, including 5km, 10km, 21km, and 42km, runners will have the opportunity to traverse breathtaking landscapes, featuring scenic forests, mountain passes, and popular tourist attractions.

Some trails of the upcoming Cam Mountain Trail 2023. Photo: Courtesy of organizer
Some trails of the upcoming Cam Mountain Trail 2023. Photo: Courtesy of organizer

The participants are required to complete their races within a time frame of 7-8 hours, starting from the delta areas and ending at the summit of Cam Mountain.

The top finishers in the mentioned distances will receive medals and cash prizes as follows: VND3 million ($124) for first place, VND4 million ($165) for second place, VND5 million ($206) for third place, and VND7 million ($290) for fourth place.

According to the organizer, approximately 1,000 runners have registered to participate in the trail race.

Due to being the first trail of its kind in the delta region, the Cam Mountain Trail 2023 has placed a restriction on the number of participants in the competition. Only 1,300 runners will be allowed to take part in this prestigious event.

The figure is expected to increase over the next few years as local lodging facilities expand their services to accommodate more runners.