Episode 6 of the VBA’s Open Mic reality series revealed Dinh Tien Cong as one of the most notable wits.

From the 2016 VBA to date, Dinh Tien Cong has been faithfully playing for just one team, Hanoi Buffaloes. 

Perhaps, because Cong has been so familiar with the team and the environment of the VBA competition, the player has often teased both his teammates and opponents.

In the VBA Premier Bubble Games 2021 experimental match between Hanoi Buffaloes and Nha Trang Dolphins, when young player To Ngoc Khanh of the latter suffered an injury, Cong mercilessly taunted his opponent.

Cong’s behavior was considered an acceptable remark because the players often meet and compete with each other in Hanoi.

Besides his aggressiveness, Dinh Tien Cong is a very devoted player, who always plays hard for the glory of his team. 

Cong is not afraid of involving in physical confrontation with any opponent, even foreign players, which explains why he was elected as the captain of Hanoi Buffaloes.

Hanoi Buffaloes currently possesses many talents in its squad, but still lacks a bit of stubbornness and bravery of a big team at decisive moments. 

With players like Cong, combined with an upgraded squad, Hanoi Buffaloes promises to be one of the VBA champion candidates in the near future.

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