Many tourist attractions are not licensed in Thanh Hoa

    In many districts in Thanh Hoa province, illegal tourist spots “sprout” rampant.


    Recorded by reporters in some mountainous districts such as Thuong Xuan, Thach Thanh, Lang Chanh, Vinh Loc… shows that there are many places and resorts that have been approved for investment policy but have not completed the procedures to be assigned. soil. However, many investors have built works to serve tourism activities, even, many points have been put into operation. For example, the Ma Hao waterfall eco-tourism site in Nang Cat village, Tri Nang commune, Lang Chanh district is planned by the People’s Committee of Thanh Hoa province as a local community tourist destination. However, the local government has arbitrarily built a series of houses on stilts on an area of ​​9,000 m2 of land for annual crops, rice cultivation, and land for roads. Currently, the project has been fined 5 million VND by the functional force, temporarily stopped construction.

    According to the report of the People’s Committee of Lang Chanh district, the construction of the above works has not yet met the regulations such as: there is no written approval from the Provincial People’s Council on the list of projects for land acquisition and land use purpose change. ; incomplete construction documents. In Thach Thanh district, in July 2020, the Provincial People’s Committee approved the investment policy to build the Thanh Minh hot spring eco-tourism and resort project for Xuan Loc Tho Co., Ltd (Hanoi City). The project has an area of ​​​​about 48.8 hectares, with a total investment of more than 610 billion VND. This “terrible” project has not completed the prescribed procedures, but the investor has implemented it, and many unauthorized stilt houses have sprouted on forest land. As noted, there are 5 traditional wooden stilt houses just built. Mr. Truong Van Khuyen, Chairman of Thanh Minh Commune People’s Committee,

    Unauthorized tourist spots are rampant in Thanh Hoa - Photo 1.

    Golden Cow tourist site (Luong Son commune, Thuong Xuan district) has not completed the investment procedures as prescribed but has been put into operation for many years.

    Not only the two tourist destinations mentioned above, but also many other eco-tourism sites and sites are defying regulations and implementing projects without completing legal procedures. Even, there are many tourist destinations that have not yet received the decision on land allocation and have implemented the project, put it into operation, and did tourism business for many years. Golden Cow Farm (also known as Golden Cow Farm), in Luong Son commune, Thuong Xuan district, is planned by Thuong Xuan district to join the local tourism network but has not yet been allocated land by the People’s Committee of Thanh Hoa province to implement the project. judgment. However, this is an eco-tourism destination that has attracted visitors over the years. Currently, this eco-tourism site has almost completed the construction of items such as houses on stilts, huts for tourists to stay overnight, swimming pools, 2-story operators, experimental gardens, canteens, and motels, grass, trees… This farm also organizes ticket collection of 30,000 VND/person/time. According to Mr. Luong Xuan Thiem, Chairman of Luong Son Commune People’s Committee, the Golden Cow Farm project is deployed on an area of ​​​​about 2 hectares of production forest land invested by Minh Vuong Mechanical and Construction Co., Ltd. In 2015, the organization unit operated illegally and was ordered to stop operating. Up to now, the investor has not completed the documents and procedures to lease land and license to operate.

    In the past time, there have been a series of illegal constructions built right in the core area, seriously infringing on Kim Son national scenic spot in Vinh An commune, Vinh Loc district. The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Thanh Hoa province has stepped in and confirmed that this resort has not been licensed by the authorities, and requested to be dismantled and returned to its original state. However, 2 years have passed, the tourist area is still active, many works have not been dismantled as directed.