The documentary, entitled “Con duong da chon” (The Chosen Path), was produced over four years (2018-2021).

In addition to many famous filmmakers such as People’s Artists Dang Xuan Hai, Le Thi and Luu Quy, the series also features the participation of enthusiastic young directors including People’s Artist Nguyen Hoang Lam and directors Dang Thai Huyen and Bui Chi Trung.

The documentary systematically reflects Vietnamese people’s resistance war for national independence, unification and defence during the Ho Chi Minh era, with objective views.

Through the documentary series, viewers can learn more about the long-term resistance wars against France and America for national independence and reunification which go back nearly half a century; the two wars to protect the southwestern and northern borders and the sovereignty of territorial waters; and Vietnam’s support for Cambodian people to escape genocide several decades ago.

A scene from the film.

The series not only catalogues historical events during the resistance wars but also highlights the strength of the Vietnamese people, the vision of the Communist Party of Vietnam in leading the resistance wars, the talents of the generals, and the sacrifices of the people.

“The Chosen Path” also provides assessments and judgements of many scholars, journalists, military experts and insiders in both the front lines of the above historical events.

Despite difficulties due to the complicated development of the COVID-19 pandemic, the film crews have fulfilled all missions so that the documentary could be released on the occasion of the 76th anniversary of August Revolution (August 18) and National Day (September 2).