Many art exhibitions welcome New Year 2022

NDO - On the occasion of the New Year 2022, many exhibitions of painting, sculpture, calligraphy, installation art were organised at art galleries in Hanoi, to serve the public.


An exhibition titled “Mua Trong Vuon” (Seasons in Garden) by female painters Trang Thanh Hien and Nguyen My Ngoc opened at Vietnam University of Fine Arts (42 Yet Kieu) on January 1. After many delays due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the exhibition was displayed on New Year’s Day to mark the beginning of new hopes.

Some works at the exhibition “Mua Trong Vuon”.

Both artists are lecturers at Vietnam Fine Arts University; Trang Thanh Hien is a lecturer at the Department of Art History, Theory and Criticism at and Nguyen My Ngoc is a lecturer at the Department of Graphics. While Trang Thanh Hien brings to the exhibition a selection of works inspired by flowers with wood carving materials, Nguyen My Ngoc’s paintings find inspiration in rubber engravings combined with monoprinting. The nearly 80 graphic paintings, with trees, leaves, flowers, and hidden images of women, are lyrical, feminine and blooming in artistic creation. The exhibition will run until January 12.

At 16 Ngo Quyen Fine Art Exhibition House, 2 painting exhibitions opened on January 1 and will last until January 10. Of which, the exhibition “Chao Xuan” (Hello Spring), by painter Nguyen Minh Son, uses eye-catching and fresh colours to fill the scenes and flowers depicted in each work with energy and vitality.

Some works are displayed at the exhibition “Chao Xuan” by artist Nguyen Minh Son.

Meanwhile, the exhibition “Nham Dan” (Year of Tiger) is a meaningful milestone for painter, director, and outstanding artist Nguyen Nghiem Nhan as he chose to hold the exhibition at the beginning of the new year 2022, when he turned 60 years old. As per the name, “Nham Dan” is a gallery filled with tigers depicted in many different emotional states, with each picture telling a story.

At the Centre for Art & Culture at No.22 Hang Buom Street, from now until the end of February 2022, an installation exhibition titled “Memory Space No. 22 Hang Buom” by artists Nguyen The Son, Tran Hau. Yen The, and Vu Xuan Dong as well as architect Hoang Phuong took place. Coming to the exhibition, viewers can feel a part of the magic of time layers. Artists have collected and pieced together details of history so that it sparkles with a beauty that seems to be accidental but is full of meaning, simple but profound.

Also at this place is the contemporary calligraphy exhibition “Phieu Dieu”, with 40 works honouring national cultural values, especially the culture of Hanoi – the land of thousand years of civilization.

On January 2, the exhibition “Melody of Nature” opened at Palm Artspace, in the Ecopark urban area. There are paintings and sculptures on display by 15 Vietnamese and international artists, including: Diep Quy Hai, Nguyen The Hung, Tran Hoang Son, Truong Van Ngoc, Luu Bao Trung, Vu Minh, Nguyen Minh, Tran Thuoc, Nguyen Duc Hung, Dang Tuan, Eddie Lui and Winnie Mak (Hong Kong – China), Roy Espinosa (Philippines), Dorothea Fleiss (Germany), and Ory Annamaria (Hungary). The exhibition will be open until January 30.