Activities in June include the programme "Children with the traditional culture of ethnic groups", "One day as an artist", and "Back to my village".

In these programs, the organising board recreates the space of childhood with folk games and activities to experience some traditional crafts.

A programme, introducing food, especially snacks for young people, children, and families, will take place in the area of A2 pine hill.

In addition, the cultural experience programme associated with ethnic spaces helps the children learn about folk games, architecture, costumes, folk songs and dances, festivals, and types of performances, including performances of ethnic musical instruments, and traditional folk games of ethnic groups.

Also, on the weekend, a Family Culture Festival of ethnic communities will be organised at the "Common House".

In addition, every day, at the culture-tourism village, there are activities of artisan groups with the theme "Children with the traditional culture of ethnic groups" to introduce the culinary culture and enjoy special dishes, and traditional activities.