Creating an Environment for Hanoi Artists to Fully Express Their Creativity

City leaders gathered with the Hanoi Union of Literature and Art to understand the perspectives of authors and artists, and to support them in utilizing their creativity and knowledge to further the economic progress of Hanoi.


Hanoi is launching art and literature initiatives to enable local artists to utilize their talents and wisdom to promote the city’s social and economic progress. By doing so, the capital will be able to benefit from the full potential of its creative citizens.

The Hanoi Literature and Art Union (HLAU), the Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports, and the Hoan Kiem District People’s Committee recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to launch a series of programs. Through this agreement, the three organizations will work together to develop and execute initiatives that will benefit the community.

 The signing ceremony between the Hanoi Literature and Arts Union (HLAU), the Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports and the People’s Committee of Hoan Kiem District. Photo: 

According to Tran Quoc Chiem, with 4,000 members, HLAU has held a series of seminars, including “Literature and Art with the Development of Capital Tourism”; “Promoting Social Resources, Boosting Literary and Artistic Creativity in the Development of the Capital’s Cultural Industry”; “Literature and Art Participate in Protecting the Ideological Foundation of the Party, Fighting Against Wrong Views”; “The Role of Literature and Art in Improving the Skills and Capacity Aesthetics of the Public, Especially Young People”; “The Role of Literature and Art in Preserving the Heritage of the Old Quarter”…

In 2022, nine associations of the Hanoi Literature and Arts University (HLAU) joined forces to organize the Hanoi Theater Festival, the Hanoi Best Singing Voice Contest, special activities to commemorate Hanoi’s Liberation Day (October 10), and an art performance to honor the 50th anniversary of the epic victory of “Hanoi-Dien Bien Phu in the Air”. These events were sure to be a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Speaking at the conference, People’s Artist Nguyen Quang Vinh, Chairman of the Hanoi Music Association, called for financial support to aid the association’s activities. He highlighted the importance of the organization and the need for resources to continue its various activities. He urged the delegates to donate generously, emphasizing the positive effect that the association has had in promoting music in Hanoi. With the support of the attendees, the Hanoi Music Association is looking forward to a bright future.

“Despite their advanced age, the association members still show a great deal of enthusiasm when it comes to participating in activities. Unfortunately, however, due to the limited budget, it’s difficult for us to organize activities on a regular basis,” Vinh lamented.

Deputy Chairwoman of the City People’s Committee Vu Thu Ha speaks at the conference. Photo:

People’s Artist Tran Quoc Chiem has urged the city government to devise a comprehensive plan for the growth and promotion of the arts and literature. He believes that this strategy is essential for the city to further its cultural development and prosperity. By investing in the cultural sector, the city can create opportunities for artists and writers to thrive and bring their works to the public. Furthermore, this would also be beneficial for the local economy, as it could bring in more visitors and revenue. It is clear that the city government should take this call to action seriously and make sure that sufficient resources are devoted to the development of the local arts and literature.

“We are convinced that there should be a holistic and all-encompassing drive for innovation to bolster public investment and establish novel means of harnessing talent,” Chiem proclaimed.

He added that, in accordance with specific regulations, the city government should strive to attract investment in the sector from various sources, including the business community, foreign enterprises, and public funds. With this approach, the municipality will be able to maximize its potential and bring in more investment capital.

Vu Thu Ha, Vice Chairwoman of the Hanoi City People’s Committee, requested the Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports and other associated departments to provide their full support for the Hanoi Language Accreditation University (HLAU) in accordance with their respective duties.

Nguyen Doan Toan, Head of the Communication and Education Commission of the Hanoi Party Committee, acknowledged the invaluable contribution that HLAU and its artists have made to the city. He praised their efforts in providing a positive impact on the city and its people. Toan expressed his gratitude for their hard work and dedication to making the city a better place. He highlighted the importance of their efforts in developing the city and improving the lives of its citizens. He also expressed his hope that they would continue to make meaningful contributions to the city in the future.

“Hanoi leaders are committed to providing opportunities for local artists to showcase their talents and wisdom to benefit the city,” said Toan.

He suggested that HLAU continue to study and thoroughly grasp the Party’s cultural and artistic policies and guidelines, while improving the quality and effectiveness of their creativity.

In the era of globalization, international integration, and Industry 4.0, artists must uphold the spirit of “solidarity-creativity-innovation-development” in order to build and develop HLAU in a stronger and more effective manner.

“It is essential to foster a sense of unity and the pioneering role of HLAU in order to generate strength so that HLAU can truly become the unifying umbrella for over 4,000 artists in the capital,” he stated.