The setting of an Asian record in the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap will help the lotus-related sector to uncover new products and specialities with great potential for export worldwide. This could open up a range of new opportunities for the region, as well as providing a much-needed boost to its economy.

Dong Thap is renowned for its abundance of farm produce, particularly the iconic pink lotus. This has earned the province the nickname of ‘land of the pink lotus’, cementing its place as a leading locality for agricultural products.

According to Pham Thien Nghia, the Chairman of the provincial administration, Dong Thap plans to expand their lotus farming, increase the value of the associated products, and promote tourism through visits to the lotus fields. This will help to provide economic benefits to the local community and help to further develop the area. It is hoped that this initiative will help to create jobs, increase local incomes, and improve the quality of life for the people of Dong Thap.

The province has also developed exciting tourism products, such as visiting beautiful lotus fields and indulging in delicious dishes made from the flower.

Lotus is one of the five key products in the locality’s agriculture restructuring plan. It plays an important role in the local economy, as it is a key export item that generates significant revenue for farmers. By focusing on this crop, the region has been able to increase its agricultural productivity and improve its financial situation.

Thap Muoi District of Dong Thap Province is renowned for its nine lotus products, which have been acknowledged by the national ‘One Commune – One Product’ programme. These products include lotus flower tea, lotus lumule tea, lotus leaf tea, fresh lotus seeds, and dried lotus seeds. Additionally, these products are renowned for their unique flavor and aroma. With their high quality and excellent taste, these products are sure to please anyone who tries them.

In May 2022, the World Records Union (WorldKings) and the Vietnam Records Organisation (Vietkings) recognized the first Dong Thap Lotus Festival 2022 as the world’s largest event for processing and presenting 200 lotus-based dishes. It was an extraordinary achievement that showcased the Vietnamese culinary art and culture. The event was attended by over 10,000 people, including locals, tourists, and dignitaries from all over the world. The event was organized by the Dong Thap Provincial People’s Committee and the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. The dishes prepared for the festival included lotus cakes, lotus salads, lotus soups, lotus noodles, lotus rolls, and many other unique and delicious dishes. The dishes were prepared by more than 50 professional chefs from all over Vietnam. The festival also featured traditional music and dance performances, art exhibitions, and other traditional activities. It was an amazing display of Vietnamese culture and cuisine that will long be remembered by all who attended.