Lost in the beauty of Pu Nhi Farm in Son La

Leaving the noise of the city, Pu Nhi Farm is truly an ideal place for those who love peace and want to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Lost in the beauty of Pu Nhi Farm in Son La
Pu Nhi Farm is built on top of Pu Nhi hill in Bac Yen District, Son La Province. — Photo vntrip.vn

Pu Nhi Farm is located on Pu Nhi Hill in Phieng Ban Commune, Bac Yen District in Son La Province.

Previously, this hill was just a grazing ground and also a dating place for couples in the village in the spring.

In recent years, this new tourist site has been compared to the resort city of Da Lat. Stone terraces and green meadows surrounded by mountains and white clouds create a cool dreamlike space.

With wild beauty as well as cool, fresh and large space, it’s a great place for a picnic.

The road to Pu Nhi is rather difficult, but the scenery is stunning. Going in the morning at dawn, driving on a small road the valley is on one side and the hill on the other.

On cold days, Pu Nhi Hill appears like a poetic sea of ​​white clouds. Rays of sunlight penetrate the mist, making Pu Nhi Farm a beautiful fantasy.

Lost in the beauty of Pu Nhi Farm in Son La
Pu Nhi Farm is an ideal place for camping. — Photo viettravel.com

From the top of the hill, you can see the mountains extending endlessly and the centre of Bac Yen District mixed in the thin mist. The streams and winding roads become smaller amid the expanse of earth and sky.

“I go to many places and here I find it is very peaceful. The air is extremly fresh. I am very comfortable. Here I have nice pictures and memories to share on social networks. I will come back here,” said tourist Tran Tien Dat.

Starting operation in 2019, with an area of ​​nearly two hectares, Pu Nhi Farm has rooms designed as tents of nomadic tribes in the middle of the steppes.

“The difference of Pu Nhi Farm compared to other tourist destinations is that the atmosphere is great, the second thing is its location is enough for everyone to experience the stay, tourists will feel very quiet and will have a relaxed time,” said Pham Quang Hung, owner of Pu Nhi Farm.


Pu Nhi has also become a place for couples to take wedding photos.

“I saw pictures taken at Pu Nhi of my friend on Facebook. I was attracted strongly immediately and thought this place would be ideal for my wedding photos, and truly we had wonderful photos,” said Nguyen Ngoc Anh from Hanoi.

This destination has many diverse services for visitors like outdoor camping, enjoying local food, or participating in cultural activities with villagers.

Visitors can enjoy the cuisine right at Pu Nhi Farm or go to the town to explore other delicious dishes. The road from Pu Nhi Farm to the town centre is just a few kilometres and there are many delicious foods for visitors to choose such as barbecue, grilled fish and cơm lam (sticky rice grilled in bamboo tubes).

On good weather days, Pu Nhi also has a sea of ​​clouds as beautiful as Ta Xua which is one of the most attractive cloud hunting locations in the northwest.

Ta Xua, popular among young travel-lovers, is a small mountain range located in Bac Yen District surrounded by higher mountains, so Ta Xua valley often has a surprisingly beautiful sea of ​​clouds.

Lost in the beauty of Pu Nhi Farm in Son La
Pu Nhi Farm is really ideal for spending a peaceful day away from the hectic atmosphere of the city. — Photo halotravel.vn

For its superb panoramic view of the immense green spaces, since the start of the year, the site, which is located 700m above sea level, has welcomed about 18,000 visitors.

“The district has a policy to create all conditions to invite and attract investors to Pu Nhi to create a good livelihood for locals here. We hope that Pu Nhi will become one of the most attractive destinations of the province and the national tourist area of ​​Moc Chau,” said Pham Thanh Binh, head of the Department of Culture and Information of Bac Yen District.  VNS

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