The music video to the track was originally filmed in March and is based on the real story of a nurse named Ly.

The video showcases Ly’s story, with complications relating to the development of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) meaning that Ly was unable to return home, forcing her to organise a birthday party for her daughter via her smartphone.

After receiving the support of the local community, Ly was eventually able to send her daughter a meaningful gift, ultimately leading to her dream of being reunited with her family following the COVID-19 epidemic coming true.

The video features the participation of 20 Vietnamese celebrities from a range of different entertainment industries. With the genre of the song being a fusion of hip-hop and R&B, the music video aims to offer great encouragement to medical workers who are serving on the frontline in the battle against the COVID-19.

The global campaign ResiliArt was originally launched by UNESCO with the aim of calling on artists to share their stories and opinions, whilst creating new projects in an effort to raise awareness about the far-reaching ramifications of the COVID-19 across the world.