During their two-month stay in Germany the previous year, the Le Brothers had the opportunity to connect and engage with individuals from the Vietnamese expatriate community residing in various cities such as Halle, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, and Leipzig.

These individuals come from diverse backgrounds and historical periods. They include international students and labor exchange workers who arrived in the 70s and 80s, immigrant workers who came after Doi Moi (Renovation) in the 1990s, second-generation young people born and raised in Germany, and Vietnamese students who have been studying abroad in recent years.

To visually showcase their experiences, the Le Brothers have created a multimedia installation consisting of hundreds of carefully selected photo documents from a pool of over 1,500 items. The installation also features a video in which the twin artists engage in conversations with Vietnamese individuals living in Germany. The photos are printed in various dimensions and hung on large-scale nets within the gallery, forming a captivating and multi-layered visual display.

Thanh Le Ngoc and Hai Le Duc, collectively known as the Le Brothers, were born in 1975 in Quang Binh province and graduated from the Hue College of Arts in 2000. Renowned for their performances and video works that highlight the metaphor of similarity, the twin artists have gained recognition and exhibited their works at prestigious art events and locations worldwide. This includes the B3 film Biennale Frankfurt in 2023, the Nord Gallerie in Berlin in 2018, and the Vietnam Eye exhibition in START at Saatchi Gallery in London in 2017, among others. Their works have been widely collected by national and international museums as well as private collections.

The exhibition is scheduled to run until January 28th.