Doan Dinh Long Elected as Chair of Hanoi Karatedo Federation

Under the tutelage of renowned mentor Master Long, numerous Vietnamese athletes have achieved remarkable success in international tournaments.


Karate legend Doan Dinh Long, born in 1947, was appointed president of the Hanoi Karate Federation on April 9th. With an extensive background in karate, Long is well-known for his remarkable accomplishments in the sport. He has been a major influence in the growth and evolution of karate in Vietnam, and continues to be a major figure in the international karate community. Long has won countless championships and continues to be a role model for aspiring karate practitioners around the world.

Master Doan Dinh Long (second, right) becomes the President of the Hanoi Karatedo Federation. Photo: Hanoimoi

The Federation convened its inaugural congress to review and approve prospective missions for the years 2023-2028. Additionally, the Congress debated and established the protocols for the Federation’s future operations.

The Hanoi Karatedo Federation is a nonprofit, professional, and social organization that seeks to promote the practice of karate to improve physical health and foster the development of both the sport and the nation. Through our programs, we strive to help people of all ages and backgrounds to learn the fundamentals of karate and gain the physical and mental benefits that come from practicing it. We offer a range of activities, including tournaments, classes, seminars, and workshops, to help people of all skill levels grow and develop in the sport. We also support and engage in charitable activities, such as health and wellness initiatives, to benefit our local communities.

At the congress, Master Doan Dinh Long expressed his hope that Hanoi’s Karatedo would progress further and that local athletes would excel in both domestic and international competitions.

Doan Dinh Long, aged 76, is renowned as the pioneering figure of Vietnamese karate and a key proponent in establishing Vietnam as one of the foremost karate nations in the world. With his dedication, he has helped to shape the martial art of karate in Vietnam, inspiring generations of practitioners and leading the nation to become one of the world’s foremost karate communities. Through his hard work and commitment, Doan Dinh Long has been instrumental in establishing Vietnam as one of the largest karate nations globally. His passion and enthusiasm for the martial art has been a driving force in the growth of the karate community in Vietnam, inspiring many to take up the sport and helping to make Vietnam one of the biggest karate nations in the world.

Long was an esteemed coach of the Vietnam national karate team, the Hanoi karate team, and the People’s Police Karate team. He was revered by his students and fellow coaches for his dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence. His passion for karate inspired many of his students to pursue their goals and become champions in their own right. Long’s influence on the karate community in Vietnam will be forever remembered.

Trained by the legendary Master Long, many Vietnamese athletes have achieved great success in international competitions. Ha Kieu Trang made history by winning four gold medals in three consecutive Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games), while Pham Hong Ha earned a silver medal at the 1997 Asian Games and a bronze medal at the 1997 World Women’s Karatedo Championship. Their impressive accomplishments are a testament to the dedication and hard work of these athletes and their coach.

Master Long is an inspiration to us all. In 1999, he was awarded the Third Class Labor Medal and in 2001, he earned the Second Class Labor Medal. He has faced incredible challenges in his life, having undergone four heart surgeries, yet he has remained strong throughout.