At the festival, local cooks taught participants how to make a Chung cake, which is an essential delicacy during the lunar New Year holiday (Tet) in Vietnam. They also shared the legend behind this cake.

The Chung cake is a square glutinous rice cake filled with glutinous rice, fat meat, and green beans. These ingredients are wrapped in phrynium leaves and tied with bamboo strings.

Dressed in traditional Vietnamese costumes, Ringsaker from Norway expressed his love for participating in the festival multiple times. He appreciates the significance of the local delicacy and traditional Vietnamese culture during Tet.

Similarly, Kicki and Jorgen, a couple from Sweden, mentioned that they had heard a lot about Vietnamese Tet but had never tried making the cake until now. They found it to be an interesting task, although not an easy one.

Aside from the cake making activity, the festival featured other exciting programs such as a food festival, calligraphy writing, and traditional folk games.

A representative from The Cliff Resort & Residences’ Management Board stated that the cake making event aimed to provide international tourists with a deeper understanding of Vietnamese cuisine and culture.