The communal house is the main place where traditional ceremonial rituals are held.

Both residents and tourists can experience a diverse range of activities during the traditional Tet holiday.

A young girl poses for a photo with calligraphy works.

Guests excitedly participate in playing Chinese chess.

Children enjoy making clay cannons, one of the folk games for children

Traditional tug-of-war games are an indispensable part of the activities  in spring.

Cooking Banh Chung, the square glutinous rice cake, an indispensible cake during the Tet holiday in Vietnam.

Visitors are eager to wrap traditional cakes of regions throughout the country.

Along with folk games, both residents and tourists are keen to wear traditional long dress (Ao dai) and ancient Vietnamese costumes of the Nguyen Dynasty in the 17th century.

Keller Max (first from left) from Sweden says he is very interested in the ancient costumes

Diverse agricultural products are displayed in a bid to attract both people and tourists