The 25m long artwork, designed by renowned artist Nguyen Thu Thuy and her team at the Tan Hanoi Company, has been painted on the wall of the water park with the theme of ‘Tinh Huu Nghi Viet – Duc’ (Vietnam-Germany Friendship). The vibrant design showcases the strong friendship between the two nations, as well as celebrating the cultural diversity and mutual understanding between the two countries. It is hoped that this beautiful artwork will serve as a reminder of the strong bonds that exist between Vietnam and Germany and continue to inspire the next generation of their citizens.

With a desire to express the love that many Vietnamese people have for Germany, Thuy sketched a joyous scene of children waving flags of the two countries in front of a vibrant wind power scene. The picture aptly captures the admiration that Vietnamese people have for the country, having lived and studied there for years.

The picture features a natural landscape beauty, as well as the typical architecture of some of Germany’s most famous cities, including Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Dresden, Cologne, Mainz, Leipzig, and Munich.

The ceramic mural is displayed with vibrant colors that embody modernity, youthfulness, and joy. It has transformed the landscape near the water park, replacing the wall that was previously covered in graffiti.

Elegant colour tones and the intricate details of the ceramic artwork featuring images of Germany’s iconic natural, cultural and architectural beauty, add a touch of luxury to the wall. The images capture the beauty and grandeur of the country, making it a sight to behold.

Thuy expressed her passion for creating a picture to express her deep gratitude toward Germany. She also thanked the country’s government for their support during her journalism studies in 2005. She acknowledged the invaluable assistance she received during her time in the country. Thuy felt that her artwork was a way to show her appreciation for everything Germany had done for her.

During the course, the artist visited many cities in Germany and Europe, where the works of renowned Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser in Darmstadt, Germany, and celebrated Spanish architect Antonio Gaudí in Barcelona, Spain, inspired her to incorporate ceramics into the decoration of outdoor structures.

The painting is seen as a meaningful gift from the German Embassy to the citizens of the capital city, according to, the online newspaper affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.

At a recent inauguration ceremony, German Ambassador, Dr. Guido Hidner, expressed his excitement in introducing the ceramic picture. He highlighted the image of children at the beginning of the picture, symbolizing the future of the friendship between Germany and Vietnam.

The ambassador also stressed the message conveyed in the picture is about a strong and close friendship between the two countries and the noble goals that both are aiming for in environment preservation and protection. Through active use of renewable energy and environmentally friendly means of transport, the two countries are striving to create a healthier and more sustainable future.

The message also emphasizes the importance of preserving heritage architecture as an integral part of the spiritual life of both countries. It is essential to preserve these monuments in order to ensure that the culture and history of the two countries is not forgotten. Keeping these historical structures intact is essential for generations to come, so that their beauty and legacy can be appreciated and passed down for years to come.

Thuy is renowned for her iconic mural, the Ceramic Road by the Red River in Hanoi. Spanning 4,000 meters in length, the awe-inspiring structure earned a Guinness World Record certificate in 2010 for being the world’s largest ceramic mosaic. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in 2020 as part of an effort to decongest the city’s traffic flow.

The painting, funded by the German Embassy in Vietnam, was created to commemorate the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Germany in 2020. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the picture could not be completed until now.

In May 2020, a ceramic mural by Thuy titled “Tinh Huu Nghi Viet-My” (Vietnam-US Friendship) was inaugurated at the new US-Vietnam Cooperation Centre at 69 Chua Lang Street in Hanoi. The mural symbolized the friendship between the two countries, which had been established and strengthened over the years.

That picture begins with a breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon, a vast canyon situated in Arizona. The sheer size and beauty of this natural wonder is simply awe-inspiring.

Thuy used ceramic pieces to artfully depict the dramatic and ever-changing colors of the majestic Grand Canyon. From the sun-washed hues of pink and orange to the deep blues and purples of nightfall, her work captures the beauty of this natural wonder in a truly unique way.

The mural also showcases the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the majestic Empire State Building in New York, both of which are prominently featured on the United States’ national flag.

Other symbols monuments featured in the mural are the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore, where the portraits of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln are carved into the granite surface. The memorials are seen as powerful symbols of America’s freedom and democracy, and have been celebrated in art and literature since their creation.