Exciting Film Event to Showcase Top Vietnamese and RoK Filmmakers

The highly anticipated film event is set to showcase a diverse range of works by local talented young filmmakers from Vietnam and South Korea. These filmmakers have garnered recognition for their outstanding contributions to the industry, with their films winning top prizes at prestigious film festivals.

Among the outstanding Vietnamese films that will be featured at the event are “Vùng trũng” directed by Anh La, “Anh em kiếp này” by Vu Hoang Hiep and Tuan Le, “Tàn ngày rực rỡ” by Ly Minh Ba, “Rừng dịu dàng” by Doan Si Nguyen, and “Thằng bé bán kem” by Huynh Cong Nho.

In addition to the Vietnamese films, the event will also showcase highlighted works from South Korea’s Story Up 2022 filmmaking project. These films, including “Slaughter” (Lò Mổ) directed by Yun Do-yeong, “Forest of Echoes” (Tiếng Vọng Rừng Sâu) by Lim Yoo-ri, “Birth” (Khai Sinh) by Nam Soona, “Motherland” (Đất Mẹ) by Lee Ji-yun, and “Bon Appetit” (Chúc Bạn Ngon Miệng) by Lee Ji-hoo, promise to captivate audiences with their unique storytelling and artistic vision.

The CJ Short Film Making Project, a collaborative initiative by the CJ Cultural Foundation and CJ CGV Vietnam, aims to promote Vietnamese filmmakers on the global stage. Since its inception in 2018, the project has successfully showcased Vietnamese films at numerous prestigious international film festivals.

These remarkable films span various genres and explore a wide range of topics, offering audiences a glimpse into different aspects of life and humanity. Many of these productions from the contest have been celebrated and selected to screen and compete at over 50 international film festivals, solidifying their status as exemplary works of art.