The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has assigned the Cinema Department to assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with the Department of Culture and Sports of Da Nang city, Da Nang Cultural-Cinema Centre and the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Vietnam on organising the Kazakh Film Days in Vietnam 2021.

Accordingly, the audience will have an opportunity to enjoy the movie ‘The Legend of Tomiris’, produced in 2019. With a length of 156 minutes, the film tells the story of Queen Tomiris of the Massagatae tribe. Under the queen’s command, the Massagetae tribe defeated the Persian king Cyrus the Great – who was known as undefeated.

Next is the movie ‘The Old Man’, produced in 2012 and inspired by the story “Old Man and the Sea” by writer Ernest Hemingway.

Finally, the film ‘Kiz Gibek’ was produced in 1969. This is a film in the genre of lyrical, folk poetry – epic – legend of Kazakhstan.

Movie tickets are distributed free of charge at Le Do cinema.